09.06.2021 NIPK Electron Co. and the Industrial Development Fund (IDF, VEB.RF.The Russian Federation) signed an agreement on the provision of a loan in the amount of 310 million rubles under the specialized program "Countering epidemic diseases". The signing took place on June 9, 2021.

With the help of the loan, the company will additionally produce, supply and install by 2023 40 modern digital X-ray diagnostic complexes under the life cycle contract (LCC) for medical institutions in Moscow. These are universal digital devices that allow performing the full range of studies that are in demand in modern radiology, in the modes of radiography and linear tomography, as well as aimed at detecting and preventing epidemic diseases, including COVID-19.

The X-ray diagnostic system includes bucky table with an elevator, a vertical stand, and a motorized X-ray sourse, equipped with two full-format flat detectors for performing X-ray images and obtaining high-quality images. The design of the device provides the possibility of remote control of all functions of the device and the digital system from the remote control without irradiation of medical personnel. A special feature of the digital complex is high maneuverability and automation of movements, which ensures the convenience of conducting any studies, including non-transportable patients; as well as the ability to automatically stitch images to obtain a panoramic image.

With the involvement of the IDF loan, the company will produce, supply and install modern medical equipment within the framework of the LCC project with the obligation to ensure the operability of the equipment during its life cycle, while expanding the existing production of domestic X-ray diagnostic systems. During the implementation of the project, 4 high-performance jobs will be created in the company.

The production of high-tech diagnostic equipment will allow reducing the mortality rate of the working-age population, reducing the proportion of diseases due to timely, effective and prompt detection of epidemic diseases, including COVID-19.

The project is being implemented in accordance with the list of instructions of the President of the Russian Federation within the framework of the program for the modernization of primary health care according to the contract signed in 2020 between the "Gormedtechnika" of the Moscow Department of Health and NIPK Electron Co., it is of strategic importance both for the company and for the country as a whole.
The implementation of the project will allow achieving the targets for increasing the share in the volume of purchases of domestic medical equipment from 55% in 2021 to 75% in 2023 according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2014 of 03.12.2020 "On the minimum mandatory share of purchases of Russian goods and its achievement by the customer".

"The level of development of the industry and the company is determined by the ability to produce high-quality and reliable products, implement complex projects and solve non-standard tasks. For us, this is the production of high-tech X-ray equipment that allows us to provide effective medical care to Russians, as well as the opportunity to participate in projects based on the CLC model, when we do not just supply equipment, but enter into a long-term partnership with a state customer, guaranteeing its uninterrupted operation throughout the entire life cycle. There is no doubt that participation in such projects is a great responsibility: it is not enough to supply equipment, it is important to have the necessary production and labor resources, significant work experience and expertise, a high level of reliability and quality of products. And we are glad that we have such an opportunity – to be part of a large mechanism of an effectively working system, to implement projects that make medical care affordable and timely. It is obvious that cooperation with the FRP within the framework of state support for business will allow us to get a synergistic effect from the implementation of LCC projects, and will not only strengthen our position in the market but also increase the efficiency and trust in the company," - comments Alexander Elinson, CEO of NIPK Electron Co.

Recall that a life cycle contract is a contract that provides for the supply of goods or the performance of work, subsequent maintenance, as well as, if necessary, operation during the service life, repair and (or) disposal of the delivered goods or the capital construction object or goods created as a result of the work.

Information about the IDF:
Industrial Development Fund (VEB.RF) was created to modernize Russian industry, organize new production facilities and ensure import substitution. IDF programs allow Russian enterprises to get access to preferential loan financing necessary for launching production of unique domestic products, as well as analogues of advanced international developments. IDF provides loans at 1% and 3% per annum for up to 7 years in the amount of 5 million to 2 billion rubles, stimulating the inflow of direct investment in the real sector of the economy. The Fund was established in 2014 on the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation through the transformation of the Federal State Autonomous Institution "Russian Fund for Technological Development". Currently, the Government of the Russian Federation is transforming the system of development institutions, which provides for the integration of the Industrial Development Fund into the management perimeter of VEB.RF. On the basis of the WEB.The Russian Federation has created a centralized investment block for the implementation of projects that contribute to the achievement of national development goals. The priority of the VEB Group.The goal of the Russian Federation is to consolidate public and private investment resources to create comfortable living conditions for people and breakthrough development of the country in the field of industry, infrastructure, non-resource exports, small and medium-sized businesses, urban economy, innovation, and information technology.