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Moscow +7 (495) 935 77 85

NIPK Electron Co. is one of the leaders of the Russian market in developing and manufacturing medical imaging equipment and integrated solutions for healthcare.

The company is a member of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Register as an entity that has a significant impact on industry and trade of the Russian Federation. NIPK Electron Co. is a Strategic Enterprise within the Russian medical industry.

The company’s products are enlisted in the Russian Unified State Register of the Radio-Electronic Products (under the Government Decree N.878 dd 10.07.2019).



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  • A wide range of equipment for X-ray diagnostics, X-ray interventions, computed tomography, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound testing.
  • Integrated IT Solutions for Healthcare.
  • Industrial Solutions of non-destructive testing, security and data management.

A few facts from the history of the NIPK Electron Co. leadership in the Russian domestic innovations: 

1989 Russia's first Medical endoscopic video camera
1993  Russia's first Mobile C-arm X-ray system
1998  Russia's first Digital system for chest screening and diagnostics
2009  Russia's first X-ray angiography system
2010  Russia's first CT system 16-slice with the Russian interface (jointly with Philips)
2014  Russia's first X-ray imaging system based on CMOS technologies
2014  Russia's first X-ray angiography system with flat panel imaging system
2014  Finished the development and launched the first Russian mass production of Nuclear imaging systems SPECT
2015  Russia's first range of Mobile C-arm systems
2016  Russia's first Versatile multipurpose remote-controlled system
2017  Russia's first Weight-bearing CT system for imaging of feet under natural load
Digital remote-controlled system
Russia's unique development (as part of the fight against COVID-19) – Modular computed tomography unit

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