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Saveliev V.A., Chief doctor; Berezyuk O.V., Head of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology of the GBUZ RK "Yalta City Hospital No. 1", 2016

«A mobile radiography system is installed in the intensive care unit and anesthesiology, which allows diagnostic examinations to be carried out without unnecessarily transporting patients in serious and critical condition to the Department of Diagnostic Radiology. The convenient control panel allows you to quickly select the X-ray examination mode. The system is quite mobile and maneuverable due to the fact that it is installed on a special horizontal platform. All working elements of the device are placed in a closed case, which is mounted on special racks, which makes it possible to take pictures in different planes, regardless of the position of the patient. Convenient Russian-language interface of the X-ray operator workstation. Convenient multipurpose radiologist workstation. The ability to digitize images allows you to store images in DICOM format and print, if necessary, at any time on demand

The training of personnel was carried out by qualified specialists, 3 radiologists and 10 operators were trained. Up to 10 examinations are carried out per day (chest organs, abdominal organs, spine, skull, limbs). Warranty and post-warranty service is carried out in a timely manner».

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