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Zelenin V.V., Ph.D. (Medicine)., Head of the Department of X-ray Surgical Methods of Diagnostics and Treatment, St. Petersburg State Budgetary Healthcare Institution "City Mariinsky Hospital", 2015

«The company "Electron" delivered the X-ray angiography system to our clinic in 2010, and for 7 years the system has been helping us to perform our work without interruption: to save people, heal and maintain health.

Several years ago Electron modernized the system by integrating a flat-panel imaging system into it: the image quality is absolutely up-to-date. It is convenient to work on the system, which is due to the Russian-language interface, the functionality of the radiologist's workstation. Today the system is a modern and reliable angiography system. Easy to operate and learn. It is important to note that this is a joint development with doctors: a lot of what has been implemented, the company's engineers discussed with the specialists of our clinic, asked for feedback, listened and, which is not often seen today, heard our wishes. I know that the company will not stop there, but today it is a very worthy technological level and system!»

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